Diorable Lip Silk - SET

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Diorable Lip Silk - Recharge 

While LIP OILS are the latest trend and beauty must have, they are a mix of nourishment and luxury all in one. This clean formula gives your lips a true SILK feeling. 



ALLURE: Lilac/ Purple

RECHARGE: Crystallized Blue

HUSH: Pink Rose 

When to use Diorable LIP SILK?

Apply when needed or when you are wanting to feel Diorable. This LIP SILK is infused with skin loving oils and fine tints to compliment your lips. LIP SILKS can help treat dry lips and soothe them back to hydrate with an non sticky silky soft formula. 

  • Did you know that each night our skin flushes out toxins and builds up new skin cells? Applying a Lip oil/balm before bed can help keep your lips protected and moisturized. It has shown to be a benefit to apply nourishment to your lips before you get your beauty sleep. Diorable Lip Silk is filled with all the clean and proper oils to help protect and nourish your lips. 
  • Chances are that your lips can be super DRY first thing in the morning. (Unless you have applied your Diorable Lip Silk before bed ;) … although, Recharge brightens up your lips and pushes you to start your morning off by feeling Diorable. This blue crystallized shade is the perfect morning wake up shade! 
  • Diorable Lip Silks are an all in one type of product. It is a mix of all things to do with a luxurious lip treatment! It is a balm, oil and gloss all in one. The unique formula of the LIP SILK is able to save your lips while also making them feel and look plump and proper. 
  • All Lips need some form of TLC. With two different flavours, Peppermint and Watermelon Mint they are welcomed to bring you a calming aroma to go along with the smooth, silk feel of the product. 


Vegan, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free